Drive Higher Success using the Bulldog Approach with Don Ribar

No matter where you are in your career path, leadership is a skill you can start developing at any time – the earlier the better! It takes time and experience to masterfully become a true leader. There will be ups and downs but it can be the most rewarding role! ITBD CEO Sunny Kaila invites Don Ribar, Partner at TTG, Inc. who has over a decade of experience working in the Managed Services industry. Listen and get invaluable advice as they discuss the value and importance of having a communication strategy as a leader, especially for MSPs in this new hybrid work environment.

  • What’s your leadership style? It should always be based on these two factors.
  • The importance of being intentional when communicating with clarity.
  • Understanding the unique needs of a customer – why cookie cutter solutions don’t work.
  • What it means to take a “bulldog” approach to customer advocacy and how it drives success.

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