Employees Are Family You Get To Choose with Dependable Solutions’ Joe Ruskey

In a highly technical field such as IT, you don’t often hear about what it means to put people first. A successful MSP at its core invests in relationships as a priority. True partnerships go beyond a vendor-client relationship and this also includes how you work internally with team members.

In this latest episode, ITBD CEO Sunny Kaila speaks with Joe Ruskey, Owner of Dependable Solutions. He shares his unexpected career path into the IT industry and eventually starting his own IT business. Listen as they discuss how aligning your values and passion with the right cultural environment can have a lasting effect on relationships with peers and ultimately customers.

• How focusing on the quality of customer relationships helps to build strong teams

• Money means success… but is ‘chasing the dollar’ really the best approach?

• What criteria to consider when selecting the ‘right’ customers – their success is your success

• Get advice on what companies that prioritize values and culture look for in candidates

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