Listening for Purpose, Skill Development, and Coachable Mindset with Steve Carroll

If you want great advice on how the hiring landscape in India and beyond is evolving, who better to ask than Steven Carroll, part of the talent solutions team at LinkedIn? Listen as Steven shares tips on how you can stand out as an employee, focus on your skill development and ways to create the career you want during his career conversation with IT By Design CEO Sunny Kaila. Career tips from this podcast feature:

  • The talent marketplace: How it’s shifting from reactive to proactive and how to take advantage of that
  • Creating impact as an individual contributor: Look for ways to help the business by listening and then develop skills before they are asked for
  • If you’re ready to take the next step: Start thinking about where you want to be, both logistically, and career-wise
  • How to create your personal board of directors to help advise and guide your professional life
  • Having a coachable mindset to take advantage of the opportunities around you

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