The Value of Creating Success Together with Lloyd Fickett

Regardless of where you are in your career journey, there are endless benefits to learning the right leadership skills along the way. Mastering a strategic and intentional way of working with peers and understanding others will give you an edge as you work towards career goals. In this latest episode of Sunny’s Silver Linings, IT By Design CEO Sunny Kaila speaks with Lloyd Fickett, founder of The Collaborative Way®. With over three decades of experience, Lloyd has worked with countless companies in practicing this extraordinary way of working while navigating a wide range of market pressures and challenges. Learn how adopting this approach can help you develop leadership skills needed to advance your career.

In this career advice episode:

  • Learn the 5 practices of The Collaborative Way® and which one is the most important to master
  • The value of ‘being for each other’ and the impact it has on an organization
  • How you can take this intentional and strategic approach to ensure great success professionally and personally
  • Get advice on how learning and collaboration can help build strong and meaningful relationships

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