Turning Tables with Sunny Kaila and Todd Billiar

The tables have turned on this special episode of Sunny’s Silver Linings! This time, ITBD CEO Sunny Kaila is interviewed by ITBD’s very own Todd Billiar, Director of Channel Partnerships. Listen as they discuss the importance of having a growth mindset as MSPs recruit the best technical talent to grow their businesses. How can you make yourself stand out? With ITBD’s continued success over the last 20 years, there’s really no one better to get great advice from on what you can look for in an attractive employer and how it can set the tone for your own career journey.

  • The importance of employer branding in the MSP channel
  • Investing in people-first programs from social media to education and why it works
  • Focus beyond technical talent – always be learning new leadership skills
  • How employee recognition can increase employee satisfaction

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