Career Conversations with Simarpreet Singh

For young career professionals starting their journey, chances are it may not be a linear path to success. Simarpreet Singh, Co-Founder of SockSoho, speaks with IT By Design’s CEO Sunny Kaila on how keeping an open and curious mind can lead to exciting and unexpected opportunities.

In this career podcast, Simarpreet shares childhood moments that helped shape his entrepreneurial spirit and the invaluable lessons learned on his own path from Computer Science to now running a successful fashion tech company. In this online career counseling session, you will learn:

– The advantages of technology as the foundation for business growth and scalability

– The #1 most important trait to have in achieving success

– The ‘Learn to Earn’ principle

– Why it’s so important to invest in yourself

– To simply ‘make something that people want’ is not enough- how to create true value

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