Exploring Workplace Culture By Design with Team GPS

Exploring Workplace Culture By Design with Team GPS

How can you be more intentional about enhancing your workplace culture? Our employee engagement experts are here to help you create a workplace culture by design!

In this engaging episode, we had the pleasure of sitting down with three remarkable individuals – Ryan, Vikram, and Deepti – who are part of the dynamic team behind Team GPS at IT By Design (ITBD).

They dive deep into the crucial role of workplace culture in an organization’s success, not just as a buzzword but as a living, breathing entity. They shed light on how ITBD has successfully woven its culture into every aspect of their operations and why that’s made a massive difference.

What’s more, they share some inspiring life lessons. Ryan emphasizes the power of a positive mindset, Deepti stresses the significance of nurturing relationships, and Vikram opens up about the value of being humble and embracing a growth mindset.

For MSP leaders, employees, and all those passionate about personal and professional growth, here are some actionable takeaways from this enlightening episode:

  1. Cultivate Your People Strategy: Your people strategy is your business strategy. Prioritize your team’s growth and well-being, as this directly impacts your customers and overall business success.
  2. Transparency and Clarity: Openness and clarity are foundational to building trust and a strong culture. Utilize tools like Team GPS to align goals and empower your team members.
  3. Continuous Learning: Embrace lifelong learning, especially from human interactions. While Google can provide information, the rich insights you gain from human connections are invaluable.
  4. Positive Mindset: A positive mindset is a game-changer. When you practice self-compassion and positivity, you create an environment where others thrive too.
  5. Humility: As you grow in your career, remain humble and recognize that you don’t have all the answers. Surround yourself with experts and empower your team members to shine.
  6. Resilience: Life throws curve balls, and resilience is your secret weapon. Bounce back stronger from challenges, as they’re opportunities for growth.
  7. Prioritize Relationships: Nurturing relationships is essential, both professionally and personally. Respect and empathy go a long way in building strong connections.

So, whether you’re an MSP leader, an employee, or just someone eager to unlock your potential, this podcast episode is a treasure trove of insights.

Watch: Exploring Workplace Culture By Design with Team GPS

About Sunny Kaila’s “Culture and Career Corner” Podcast

Does your organization have a culture by default or is it by design? How intentional are they about creating a workplace environment that makes the employees feel valued and fuels their growth? How often do you get face time with your top management to share your thoughts about the company culture? At IT By Design, we do it every week!

Every week, our host and CEO, Sunny Kaila, connects with our employees for a candid conversation. This culture podcast sees guests take us along on a journey through their career goals, their experience with IT By Design, and their perspective on life. Sunny’s favorite question to our guests? “What are the top lessons that you’ve learned in your life?”

Watch our culture and career corner podcast episodes to discover the lessons from our community and learn how you can implement them in your life for personal and professional success.


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