Inspiring Leadership Journeys from Rising Stars of IT By Design

Inspiring Leadership Journeys from Rising Stars of IT By Design

In a heartwarming and insightful podcast episode, the IT By Design (ITBD) team shares their remarkable career and leadership journeys, the values that define ITBD’s culture, and the life lessons they’ve learned along the way. This blog summarizes the touching and inspiring conversations between host Sunny Kaila and guests Manuj, Gunjan, and Rajat as they reflect on their professional growth within ITBD.

Manuj’s Journey:

Manuj’s journey began with a single call, expressing his passion for technology to Sunny. Eight years and nine months later, Manuj has risen from a level one tech to an associate technical lead. His journey is a testament to dedication and the opportunities for growth at ITBD.

Gunjan’s Evolution:

Starting as an L1 engineer in 2014, Gunjan’s transition from desktop support to the expansive world of technology was marked by challenges and learning experiences. Today, he is a technical team lead, demonstrating how continuous learning can lead to success.

Rajat’s Ten-Year Milestone:

Rajat’s decade-long journey at ITBD is a testament to the supportive culture within the company. From being an inside sales rep to handling critical implementations as an implementation lead, Rajat’s story showcases the power of mentorship and aligning talent with the right opportunities.

Defining ITBD’s Culture:

The team agrees that ITBD’s culture is built on strong ethics, values, and a sense of community. They emphasize qualities such as humility, knowledge sharing, passion, and positivity as essential elements of ITBD’s unique culture.

Life Lessons Shared:

The team shares valuable life lessons that have shaped their success:

  • Rajat: Emphasizes the importance of being a good human being and giving back to the community.
  • Manuj: Highlights the significance of open communication, being in a role you enjoy, and continuous learning.
  • Gunjan: Encourages investing in oneself, seeking clarity in actions, and balancing career, health, family, and legacy.

Final Thoughts:

The podcast episode is a heartfelt expression of gratitude from Sunny to the ITBD team for their dedication in growing the ITBD community. The stories of these professionals serve as a source of inspiration, emphasizing the importance of perseverance, humility, and adding value to one’s community.

As ITBD continues to thrive, it is evident that its success is rooted in the strong bonds formed among its members, their unwavering commitment to excellence, and their shared values. The lessons learned from this extraordinary team can be applied to anyone’s career journey, paving the way for personal and professional growth.

In conclusion, the ITBD team’s leadership journeys are a testament to the power of hard work, mentorship, and a supportive work culture. Their stories serve as an inspiration to all, reminding us that with dedication, a positive mindset, and the willingness to learn, we can achieve remarkable success in our careers and leave a positive impact on the world.

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