Creating Success with Ronnie March

A career in IT revolves around service, whether you are working with team members or interacting with clients every day. Your skills and knowledge around a company’s products and services is key to driving great success for an Managed Service Provider. However, beyond the years of experience you bring to the table, there are deeper core values around your employee experience and engagement that need to be nurtured.

In this latest career podcast of Sunny’s Silver Linings, IT By Design CEO Sunny Kaila has a very special guest, Ronnie March, Global CHRO at IT By Design. With years of leadership experience, specifically with growth-oriented companies, she knows first-hand the business impact of investing in employees as a top priority and how that ultimately transfers into customer success.

In this career conversation episode, you will understand:

– Why companies are investing in employee retention

– Why employee experience and engagement is key for business growth

– How the individual roles of every employee contribute to customer success

– How you can be proactive and get your own voice heard

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