A Strong Culture Leads to a Successful Career Journey

A Strong Culture Leads to a Successful Career Journey

How does a culture of growth lead to a successful career journey? Find out in this episode!

Welcome to another insightful panel discussion in our “Culture and Career Corner” podcast with host Sunny Kaila. This week, we hear from three resourceful and tenured employees from IT By Design –our Service Delivery Manager Gurdeep, our Technical Account Manager Sachin, and Technical Team Lead Jasvir. We delve into their personal experiences, growth within the company, their take on IT By Design’s culture, and their top three life lessons.

Discover the inspiring and successful career journeys at IT By Design (ITBD) through the experiences of our panelists. Their stories reflect the company’s commitment to nurturing talent and creating a purpose-driven work environment.

Gurdeep, having started as a Level 3 engineer, shares his evolution to becoming a Technical Account Manager and now, our Service Delivery Manager. Throughout his journey, he credits the guidance and support from ITBD leaders for his growth. Sachin, who began as a help desk specialist, highlights the sense of belonging at ITBD, where the company feels like a second home. The culture fosters personal development and acknowledges employees’ contributions through small gestures of appreciation. And for Jasvir, his successful career journey saw him grow from a System Admin six years ago to a technical team leader now. The opportunities he received in ITBD to work closely with clients and understand their challenges have shaped his success.

When discussing ITBD’s culture, the interviewees emphasize collaboration, innovation, and a strong focus on client satisfaction. They also mention the importance of a purpose-driven culture, where employees find meaning and derive satisfaction from their work while serving others. The culture at ITBD fosters personal growth and encourages sharing knowledge and supporting each other’s progress.

The discussion further explores the life lessons shared by our guests. Gurdeep shares three valuable life lessons: being kind, practicing self-reflection, and earning an honest living while sharing with others. Sachin emphasizes the importance of staying true to one’s values, continuous learning, and embracing change. Jasvir highlights building strong relationships, lifelong learning, and adapting to change as key factors in a successful career.

Overall, the panel discussion showcases ITBD as a company with a strong culture that promotes growth, collaboration, and purpose-driven work. The successful career journeys of all three of our guests demonstrate the opportunities for personal and professional development within the organization.


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About Sunny Kaila’s “Culture and Career Corner” Podcast

Does your organization have a culture by default or is it by design? How intentional are they about creating a workplace environment that makes the employees feel valued and fuels their growth? How often do you get face time with your top management to share your thoughts about the company culture? At IT By Design, we do it every week!

Every week, our host and CEO, Sunny Kaila, connects with our employees for a candid conversation. This culture podcast sees guests take us along on a journey through their career goals, their experience with IT By Design, and their perspective on life. Sunny’s favorite question to our guests? “What are the top lessons that you’ve learned in your life?”

Watch our culture and career corner podcast episodes to discover the lessons from our community and learn how you can implement them in your life for personal and professional success.


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