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The Compelling Power of Storytelling with Tom Zanca

From a stutterer to a world-class storyteller, Tom Zanca has mastered the art of overcoming obstacles. As our Editorial Director, Tom finds his solace in the written word. His discipline of daily reading, a background in journalism, and the gift of words helps him bring fresh perspective into any narrative. “Every company has a story to tell. Every product, every service that we are selling has a story to tell. And we want to get that story out to the world in the most compelling, enjoyable way,” shares Tom. power of storytelling

What’s his mantra for life? And what life lessons would he like to share with the next generation of professionals? Watch today’s episode of our “Culture and Career Corner” podcast titled “The Compelling Power of Storytelling” with host Sunny Kaila and find out!


Watch: The Compelling Power of Storytelling with Tom Zanca


About Sunny Kaila’s “Culture and Career Corner” Podcast

Does your organization have a culture by default or is it by design? How intentional are they about creating a workplace environment that makes the employees feel valued and fuels their growth? How often do you get face time with your top management to share your thoughts about the company culture? At IT By Design, we do it every week!

On Tuesdays, our host and CEO, Sunny Kaila, connects with our employees for a candid conversation. This culture podcast sees guests take us along on a journey through their career goals, their experience with IT By Design, and their perspective on life. Sunny’s favorite question to our guests? “What are the top lessons that you’ve learned in your life?”

Watch our culture and career corner podcast episodes to discover the lessons from our community and learn how you can implement them in your life for personal and professional success.


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